Gemma intervista tradotta


good evening, whatís your name?

my name is Gemma

thank you for accepting to release the interview. I donít know anything about you. I would like to know your history, from the beginning.

OK. this is happened to me. one day, before the sternum I saw a little desquamation. I thought it wasnít important and that it was a simple dermatitis.

by the time, it became a lump and started bleeding. It was perturbing

I tried to cure it with some ayurvedic powder but it couldnít resolve the problem

bleeding continued after a short time

how long did you do it?

after that I begun to use the clay. I couldnít use a band aid

a doctor advised you about the clay?

no, it was my idea, after speaking with a herbalist

so, no doctors visited you till now?

no, I contacted many dermatologists

everybody wanted to do the operation. one of them even carried me to the hospital trying to convince me to do the intervention

did they know the reason why you should be operated?

yes, because it was a tumour

and the diagnosis was?


but when somebody advise me to do any operation, I usually run away.

then I tried every natural treatment because I refused any conventional cure or operation

luckily I found Dr. Simonciniís book, where I just read the treatment for the basalioma that could be cured in 2 months with the iodine tincture

did Simoncini say so?

yes, I went to him and he explained how to put the iodine tincture on the plaque. and after 2 months, as reported in the book, the cancer disappeared

but I wonder why other doctors donít know such a simple treatment  

me too, but thanks to Dr. Simoncini book now it is possible to know it

we donít talk about the method of Dr. Simoncini, but about a simple and common substance

yes, I agree

but maybe there is a particular way to be used

no, just some cotton bathed in the iodine tincture

does it mean that doctors never tried before to brush cancer with it?

yes, in fact when I returned to my dermatologist he was amazed

and did he believe it?

yes, he knew what I had, he also took a picture of the plaque every time he meat me, he always asked to me why I didnít do the intervention. What are you waiting for? Ė he said

 so, he knew it was a cancer

yes, he did the certification

and when you went ti him what did he say?

he was surprised and said ďdespite the cures that doctors do, patient can survive

and did you say to him that you used iodine tincture? and did he accept this possibility?

yes, of course, he couldnít do anything else

so, there is a doctor that knews the way to cure the basalioma with the iodine tincture and doesnít do anything

I donít know, perhaps he will try. Anyway he looked content and satisfied